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Mickey Mouse Chicken Noodle Soup

I can’t help it, my inner Disney nerd is freaking out – Mickey Mouse Chicken Noodle Soup! How adorable is this?? And if you didn’t just say the most adorable thing ever, then you either didn’t watch the video or you hate Mickey. Kidding, mostly. 😉

My girls were crazy excited when they saw who showed up in their dinner bowl last night and I was excited when they ate the entire bowl after being sick and not having eaten dinner in 2 nights!

Mickey Mouse Chicken Noodle Soup! Classic chicken noodle soup is given a fun spin with Mickey Mouse noodles.

Ellie and Lyla have both been huge fans of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since they were about 6 months old. They are over 2 now and it is still the only tv show they watch. Lyla also loves to watch the old videos (some are even in black and white!) on the iPad. It’s so fun watching her laugh at some of the very same videos I grew up watching.

Last week we took the girls to Disney for Epcot Food & Wine. We go every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary (8 years!) and my birthday which is the day after our anniversary. We stayed a couple of days so we could see a few of the other parks as well. As you can tell from the photo, the girls just LOVED the teacups! Ha!


But honestly, they love going as much as we do…even if I do forget to take pictures when they are actually smiling. #MomFail

They are still getting used to some of the faster rides where they aren’t allowed to sit in our laps. However, they do love meeting the characters, the slower rides where they can ride in our laps (each park has multiple they enjoy) and the play areas like the bone yard at Animal Kingdom. It’s so exciting to see the world through their eyes sometimes. Their faces light up so much when they see something new…or see Mickey Mouse in real life.

Mickey Mouse Chicken Noodle Soup! Classic chicken noodle soup is given a fun spin with Mickey Mouse noodles.

Once we made it home from Disney, everyone came down with a cold. A seriously BAD cold that lasted almost a week. I immediately regretted not buying the adorable Mickey Mouse pasta I had seen at Epcot. I saw it in a shop and went to buy it…then I saw the price tag of $13. I thought ohhh no. No way. Then the girls got crazy sick and wouldn’t eat anything. Thank god for Amazon and it’s overnight service!! The girls ate this for 3 days straight – totally worth the price to make my sick babies happy!

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