The Usual Suspects

We have a full house here at the home of The Novice Chef. 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 large overgrown boy named Jorge, and myself. We didn’t start off this way, and most often I swear my eldest cat (the only girl of all the 4 legged babies) has been with me since before the other 2 cats, before the dreaded dog (how she feels about him, I on the other hand love him), and before the overgrown boy looks at me and says “WTF? How did this happen??” You see, it was just the two of us, we shared food, and the bed equally and we were happy to do so. She didn’t have to share and neither did I…

Then I had to go and fall in love and since then slowly our four legged family grew. So today, I go into the kitchen, where all 4 follow me….yes, that’s right whenever I am cooking or baking in my kitchen there are four, 4 legged babies laying around and staring at me hoping I will drop something. Anyways, I am there heating up my lunch and I go into the living room and start eating. Then my phone rings in the other room so I jump up to go get it…and it’s the overgrown boy I spoke of earlier calling me to chat, so we catch up on our day, say our I Love You’s and hang up. I casually walk back into the living room….and my lunch is gone. Not a drop left. No mess. No crumbs. The plate and fork were not even disturbed. And 3 cats and 1 dog were all silently, peacefully looking at me. I examined each one with no sign of any sauce on their cute little faces. So I am now out to capture my lunch thief! Here are the mugshots…

The Wise One


The Fatty


The Baby


The Canine

After much deliberation, I have decided The Wise One was the leader and instructed everyone. The Fatty didn’t listen to the wise one and just ate as much as possible in the few minutes possible. The Baby followed orders perfectly and only took a few bites. And The Canine used his big sloppy canine tongue to clean up any remaining crumbs. I am still unsure if the overgrown boy was in on it as well…he is quite easily won over with by the 4 legged babies.

And you might be thinking, what is the big deal? So they ate half your lunch…its not that big of a deal….well it was! You see I was having these….

Phyllo Cups stuffed with the stuffing from the Southwestern Eggrolls! Chili’s Southwestern Eggrolls is one of my favorite appetizers! I was thinking of how I could possibly make them just a little bit lighter…and I figured instead of an eggroll wrapping and frying it, I would make the inside ingredients and bake it in a phyllo cup! They turned out fabulous! Jorge even joked they must be made with crack, that’s how good they were!

So go buy yourself some phyllo cups, and I used the recipe from for the stuffing. And bake according to the package of phyllo cups, just to where they are turning brown and the stuffing is hot.

Now for my own enjoyment…here are a few outtakes from the mugshots above…