South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2010

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have won two tickets from Foodbuzz to go to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami, Florida! It was an absolute blast! I chose to take my husband Jorge with me and make a weekend out of it. We stayed right on South Beach (on Ocean Drive). We could walk to everywhere and we ate right there overlooking the beach. We had such a blast walking around and taking in the scenes and the crazy people of South Beach. Then Sunday morning we woke up so excited to head over to the event, but it did not start till 11am. So we went and grabbed breakfast first at a Cuban restaurant with some friends before heading over. Jorge had his cafe con leche and I had my diet coke and we were then ready to tackle the festival!
So we get there and first they want to see our tickets, which buzzing with excitement I almost didn’t want to hand over because I wanted to keep them for proof we went. The lady told me I had to hand them over, so eventually we parted with the tickets and started waiting in line…for what we were not sure….
Turns out we were waiting in line to get our wrist bands, our wine glass (a Waterford wine glass that we got to keep), and a gift bag full of goodies!
Then after grabbing your gift bag, and wine glass you start heading out to head into the festival, but before that they fill up your glass with your wine of choice. That’s right, 11am and a glass full of wine. In other words, HEAVEN!
Then we made our way over the dunes to get to the beach.
And once we got to the top of the dune this is what we saw! The beach was BEAUTIFUL! The water stunningly blue, not to mention the weather was just phenomenal. The sun was beaming, it was in the 70’s and there was not a cloud in the sky. In other words a perfect day for the festival!
Here is a close up of the beach, which you could see the entire time while in the festival!
We then got in line to actually enter the festival. They had white tents set up for everything which looked nice, crisp and clean along side the white sandy beaches.
So once you walk in, this is what you see…tons and tons of foodies all milling around. So not being quite sure what to do we just started walking around. Soon enough we figured out that the first set of tents were vendors handing out free things and the other side of the tents where were the Chefs would be doing demonstrations. So we grabbed another glass of wine (oh yes, it was time for another) and hung around waiting for some of the sessions to begin.
Here I am after my second glass of wine getting ready to go see Emeril! There were many chefs there on Sunday! We were so excited to see them all. They each did a demonstration and it was so fun to get to watch the chefs unscripted and live. Here are some pictures of the famous chefs we got the chance to see!
At 1 o’clock they opened the tasting tent and we were able to go in and try all kinds of different foods and wines. It was all you could eat and drink! We tried all different types of wine and vodkas. We also tried to make sure and try all of the foods! But there was just sooo much, there was no way we could try it all! It was all delicious and fun and I wish I could somehow share it with each of you, but they told me I was not allowed to take it all home with me, so sadly you will just have to imagine through the pictures! Check out some of the foods we tried:
And now for some of the wine!
And lastly, one of the biggest highlights of my day is when we saw Fabio Viviani! And I got a picture with him!
He is my all time favorite chef from Top Chef and it was so exciting to get to meet him! He is such a hottie! And yes, my husband does know that I think he is adorable and he still took the picture for me!

The day was wonderful and if you ever get the chance to attend I seriously suggest you do! I would like to thank Foodbuzzfor sending me! We had the time of our lives and it would not have been possible without them!You can view all of the photos from the festival on the fan page on Facebook of The Novice Chef Blog.