Dude! You can totally freeze cupcake batter!


Despite what they (and no, I have no idea who they is) you can totally freeze cupcake batter! Recently I made a batch of cupcakes and meant to quarter the recipe…but since I was too busy listening to music I made the full recipe instead. And I REALLY do not need 24 cupcakes in the house for just me…so I tweeted out that I wish you could freeze cupcake batter. And guess what? Someone tweeted me back this link to Cookies And Cups where she discovered that you really can freeze cupcake batter!

At first I was skeptical…maybe certain batches won’t work? Or maybe she was just extremely lucky….but really what did I have to loose (besides delicious cupcakes). So I pulled out my Ziplock freezer bags and froze about 6 cupcakes worth of batter per bag, this way I could bring them out whenever I needed too. Then a couple weeks later, I made a different batch of cupcakes and froze the left over batter from that batch as well.

Days and weeks go by…I went to Universal in Orlando…I finished up my summer semester of school…I went on a cruise…and then Jorge was home and to surprise him I whipped up a batch of Gumbo for him and thought he would love some cupcakes for dessert as well. So I decided to bring out the batter I had saved from the Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes. I let it thaw in the fridge and when I was ready to bake them I let them sit on the counter for about 30 minutes to come closer to room temperature. Then using the Ziplock baggie they were in, I pipped them into the cupcake containers (by snipping off the corner of the bag) and baked as directed in the original recipe.

I was so nervous. I kept turning on the light and looking in the oven. I just KNEW that they were not going to rise. I mean, not only did I freeze cupcake batter, but I froze cupcake batter that has Coke as one of the main ingredients! Definitely not your every day cupcake! But when the timer went off, I pulled them out, and they were beautifully domed cupcakes. They had risen and baked perfectly! And then I thought…they are not going to taste right. If they cooked so beautifully then they must taste bad. And at the very least, there is no way they will taste as good as they did fresh. But Jorge came into the kitchen and picked one up, unwrapped it, and took a huge bite…followed by a very loud, very enthusiastic “MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!” and followed with an “Oh My God, these are amazing!” and they were! They were just as good as the first day I made them!

So if you would like to have Cupcakes ready to go anytime or end up making more batter then you will need, FREEZE some cupcake batter! It works, it’s awesome, and it’s super easy!