Project Food Blog: Ready, Set, Blog!

Me! I am! Was that not obvious by the crowned onion? FoodBuzz announced a couple months ago that they would be holding a competition called Project Food Blog. It is the first competition of it’s kind and the winner will win $10,000 dollars and will be featured on for a year! Starting off there are 1,795 contestants and in this first round they will be whittling down that number to 400! For the first challenge, the contestants are asked to tell why they they think they have what it takes to become the next food blog star! So please make sure and go check out my profile, read the below reasons of why I deserve to be in this competition, and vote for me when the voting begins next Monday, September 20th (don’t worry I will remind you!).

For most of my life I have been one of those people who likes to blend in. I am easily embarrassed and have never been the person to jump up on stage at karaoke and sing my heart out. That just is not been me. Don’t get me wrong, I can be the good time, crazy girl….but mostly that involves copious amounts of alcohol to boost my courage. However, through this blog I have found that I do like to be different. It is FUN! I like being the person who makes something outrageous that people either love or hate (for example Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes). I love seeing more and more readers find my blog…and sticking around because they enjoy it. And I have found that I actually enjoy standing out from the rest of the crowd!

I mean, really, you know no one else has Ass Friendly recipes! They may have “diet friendly” or “healthy” recipes…but where is the fun in that?ย  And the other problem with some blogs are they are completely centered on having low calorie, low fat meals. But we all know that life needs balance. No, you can’t eat bad all the time…but it sure is boring eating healthy all the time! Which is exactly why this blog also has a bunch of non ass friendly recipes! Like cupcakes or THE enchiladas! As you all know I am a cupcake-aholic. But that is ok, because I give you the best of both worlds…Ass Friendly and Cupcakes.

Because who wants to read a food blog that is just here, check this out…it was good. No you want to hear about the time that I almost died, twice, trying to make Petite Fours. Or when I ate hummus for 3 days and smelled like an armpit. And you know you loved reading about my sweet suspendered 83 year old Cheese Man. And you probably laughed out loud at me and the man who lives in my attic and watches me through the vents. I share these stories, along with a good dose of delicious food porn and recipes, because I talk way to much know you love it. I share them even when they are embarrassing or when my husband asks me not too. Because it’s funny. And food and laughs should always go together.

And most importantly, this is my passion! And when I say “this is my passion”, I mean cooking/baking, photographing it, and lastly sharing it with all of you. I LOVE doing this. And one of the biggest reasons I enjoy it, is all of you. Your comments, emails, facebook wall posts, and discussions make this so worthwhile. I get to share something I enjoy with other people who love it just as much as I do…and that is one of the coolest things. I hope that I get to continue sharing, learning and growing with all of you. Food blogging is slowly taking over the foodie world. Cookbooks are slowly becoming a novelty and instead people are subscribing to their favorite food blogs instead. And I believe FoodBuzz has noticed this trend and is showcasing it in this amazing competition. I truly believe that I deserve to stick around in this competition and duke it out with some other amazing food bloggers, for the awesome title of Next Food Blog Star!