People Of The Park

Ever heard of People of Walmart? Well this is People of the Park. This past weekend I headed to Orlando for a day trip to Universal…and thought I would bring back a few little gems to share with all of you.

From his “frosted” tips to the matching yellow shoes, this guy was a real treat. Not only did he wear his white linen pants and Ed Hardy jacket with confidence, but he spoke in a deep, deep southern accent, which made it 10 times better.

Next up, we have the angst-y teen. He was there with his 70 year old grandmother and ignored her every time she spoke to him. Oh and in case you can’t tell, that is the front, not the back of the sweater like I originally thought.

Now let’s play one of my favorite people watching games…Boy or Girl?

Between the knobby adolescent knees, the cut off jeans, and the Ugg boots I would have bet my money on it being a teen girl…

But I would have been wrong. Try a 30 something year old male…oopsie.

And I will leave you with a warning…next time you find the world crashing down around you and you need a superhero to come save you…call Batman or Spiderman. DO NOT call Superman. He’s too busy testing out women’s shorts and getting a bat out of the cave.