Mason Jar Cupcakes

Have you seen this, this, this, and this? Apparently mason jars aren’t just for drinking moonshine sweet tea out of anymore. These days people are filling up cute little mason jars with cupcakes and loads of frosting! Seriously, who originally thought of this?! Because I need to meet her…and I know it’s a her, because only a woman could be this genius.

I made a Neapolitan Cupcake…which is a delicious chocolate cupcake, with a layer of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry swiss meringue buttercream. And instead of sprinkles, I topped them each with a dash of cocoa nibs. In my opinion, this is the perfect way to serve a cupcake to a frosting lover. Not only do they get three layers of different flavored frostings, but they also have a great ratio of cake to frosting. I think these would be perfect idea as a party favor for a shower or kids birthday party…or for my next girls night. I can’t wait to see what other ideas people can come up with for flavors! I am already dreaming of a possible fluffernutter mason jar cupcake! 🙂

To make these cupcakes…I used this method. This chocolate cupcake recipe (skip adding in the candy bar). And this swiss meringue buttercream recipe (just don’t add the butterfinger). To have the 3 different flavored frostings, I split the buttercream into 3 bowls and flavored/colored each. For the chocolate I added cocoa powder and for the strawberry I added strawberry imitation flavoring and pink icing color.