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About Jessica

Hey there! My name is Jessica Segarra I am the girl behind The Novice Chef Blog. I grew up in the kitchen sandwiched between my grandmother, who specializes in true cajun gumbo, and my mother, who eats frosting like it’s her last day on earth. With those two amazing women running through my blood, it was impossible for food to not become the center of my life.

I am not an actual chef, since chefs go to school. Instead, I am a trial and error, self taught, sugar addict who taught herself how to survive in the kitchen. Thankfully, I am no longer as novice as the blog name suggests. I used to be, trust me. Jorge, the husband, can attest to my prior novice status. I used to spend my nights stumbling around the kitchen making the few family recipes I knew by heart and things I could buy in the frozen foods section at the grocery store. :-) These days things are thankfully much different. For starters, Jorge is not allowed to have dinner until I have let it get cold gotten the perfect picture. And instead of having the same few recipes over and over, I actually develop my own recipes.

I am a misplaced Texan, currently living in Tampa, Florida. I have a love for big layered cakes, beautiful shoes, cupcakes with tons of frosting, everything furry, and a good cocktail – or four. I have 5, four legged, children…yes, 5! I just don’t have the heart to turn away a stray…and they are pretty happy living here since any & all leftovers go to them. I am in my mid twenties (and will say that even when I am no longer in them), I never have the same hair color 3 months in a row, and I still eat Stouffers frozen mac & cheese until the day I die.


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About the Blog

The Novice Chef Blog has been taking over the internet since December 2008. What started as a way to chronicle my growth in the kitchen, has grown into something that means so much more to me. It’s amazing how food truly connects us all!

Since that fateful first day, I have learned many things. For starters, I am fairly sure that sugar, not oxygen, is what makes my blood pump. I have found that making your own ginger ale is a terrible idea.

I taught myself how to get the perfect swirl on top of a cupcake and get a layered cake to remain standing for a 3 hour car ride. And I discovered the battle scars from my “bonding time” with my oven, that run up and down both of my arms, make excellent conversation pieces.

I have made many friendships with readers and fellow bloggers that are just as passionate about food as I am…but most importantly, I have learned a lot about myself and my love for good food.


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