Behind The Scenes*

Many of you emailed or commented asking how I got Brody to sit still for the pictures. Sitting still wasn’t the problem. This was taken (and edited) on my iPhone, so please forgive the quality!

Carrot and Zucchini Cupcakes*

Lately I have been seeing people start hatin’ on Cupcakes. And I am here to stand up for them, because you know I am all for equality of all things involving sugar. So let’s talk out why you should love cupcakes…and also why people don’t love cupcakes. 5 reasons...

Peanut Butter Dog Treats*

Outtakes can be viewed here! When I am cooking you can always find Brody in the kitchen. ALWAYS. He loves all vegetables and fruits and has a particular soft spot for tomatoes. He is my little furry foodie! The only thing he ever turns his nose up to are...

Wednesdays Suck*

Wednesdays totally suck. It’s not the beginning of the week after a nice weekend. It’s not Thursday…which is almost Friday..which is almost the weekend. It’s Wednesday. The day that just reminds you that week is only half over. So watch this on repeat until you have a permanent smile...