Chocolate Mousse*

I want to write a love story to chocolate and a little spitfire named Jaclyn. But I am horrible at love stories and they almost always end up tragic…because I love the ones that make me cry. And while we are on that topic, this summer when you are...


Growing up all I wanted was for someone to braid my hair. French braids. One on each side. The closest I ever got was a single braid down the center of my back…starting at the bottom of my neck. So I decided to teach myself how to french braid...


I wish I was Oprah, so when I start off with “These are a few of my favorite things” you would all cheer wildly because you would just know that I was going to give away amazing things. You would scream and jump and stare at the people falling...

Brandy Almond Pound Cake*

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