Cinnamon Vanilla Cupcakes with Candied Ginger

My favorite recipes from 2011!*

Is there a better way to end 2011 than with a healthy dose of food porn?! I agree. There isn’t. So put on your fat jeans and feast your eyes on my favorite recipes from 2011!
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Cinnamon Sunflower Butter*

As much as I can’t believe it, Christmas is over and we are only 5 days away from 2012. It’s almost a new year…and quite possibly the end of the world, if the Mayan Calendar has it’s way. Personally I am pretty sure that whoever was in charge of...
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Bacon & Sweet Corn Hash*

Bacon & Sweet Corn Hash and a Le Creuset Giveaway?! Could it get any better? Sure, I could also be on a cruise right now out in the middle of the Caribbean with a Pina Colada in my hand. Wait, I totally am! Thanks to my love for you guys,...
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Texas Pecan Roca*

When I moved to Florida, from Texas, there were many things I noticed that were different. I instantly missed Mexican food. I was horrified that people considered Taco Bell, Tijuana Flats and Chipotle to be the best “Mexican” food. I was surprised to look around and see more cars than trucks on the...