Wannabe Green Smoothie sm

Wannabe Green Smoothie*

Let’s head back to elementary school shall we? Red + Green = …..gross brown I have been terrified of the infamous “Green Monster” (i.e. a green colored smoothie made with spinach) for over a year. Spinach DOES NOT belong in smoothies! I read many a blog claiming you couldn’t...
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Food Blog Forum Orlando*

Gather round the laptop kiddos and let me tell you about my mini vacation! Seriously, I am going to do this old school style. Pretend you are sitting in my living room and I have a box of slides out from my last vacation. Sure it’s annoying, but about...
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites 1 sm

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites*

I have a sweet tooth the size of my ass. Or should I say, my ass is the size it is because of my insatiable sweet tooth? Either way, I can’t go a day without having something sweet. I tried to go sugarless for a week once and it...

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Because it’s Friday. Because Ryan Gosling is hawt. Because I wish these were real… via weddingbee via slacktory via handmade ryan gosling via bzb-designs.com via realfunfood via¬†handmade ryan gosling via feministryangosling via kayla aimee via confessions of a cookbook queen via¬†hipsterwave